January 9th, 2019:  The first plants of the year have arrived.  Even after 28 years of growing flowers, there is still something invigorating about sunshine and warmth in a greenhouse on a cold winter day.  The smell of a freshly opened bag of potting soil never gets old.  Here's looking forward to Spring 2019. 

Open Air Nursery in Shelton, Nebraska is planning to open for the season on April 20th, 2019.  The weather always plays a role in our opening date so visit our website for updates.  We are planning an expanded line of herbs and a larger selection of vegetables.  We've added some of the favorite tomatoes like: 4th of July, Big Mama Roma, Sunsugar and Champion.  More peppers like Fooled You, red, orange, and yellow Lunchbox Peppers, and Mariachi.  We'll have every succulent we can get our hands on and some of the nicest succulent bowls you will find.  Our 29th year of growing is underway and we hope to see you in Spring 2019!

Clark and Kelli  ​updated January 9th, 2019

Bump Up Pot is found at:

Open Air Nursery

324 East Highway 30, Shelton

Call Kelli: 308-390-0158

Call Clark: 308-390-0159

email: openairnursery@yahoo.com


​Schneider's Hardware

100 Q Street

​Aurora, Nebraska

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