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I've always been a fan of hearing the journey of peoples lives, so just in case you enjoy the same, I provide an excerpt of ours.  I was born in Beatrice, raised in Wymore and graduated from Wymore Southern High School.  Born of bohemian blood, my great grandparents are buried in the Wilber Cemetery.  Attending the Wilber Czech Festival and watching my dad teach the polka were part of the family tradition.  I graduated from Kearney State College where I met my wife.  She was born in Callaway, yes they have a hospital, and later moved to Cairo.  She graduated high school from Northwest in Grand Island and attended Kearney State.  I spent two years teaching high school science south of Kansas City while my wife finished her degree at Pittsburg State University.  We moved back to Nebraska where we both taught high school science for 20 years in various districts.  During this same 20 year period we bought a parcel of land in Shelton and on it was a 20 x 20 feet greenhouse.  It was so close to the railroad tracks that every glass pane had been shaken out and broken.  We covered the walls with plastic and grew our first flowers 28 years ago.  Open Air Nursery was born!  Neither of us teach any more but make our money selling plants and spend our money raising kids.  Our son has recently moved to Lincoln where he works in a trucking firm at night and as a real estate agent during the day.  Our oldest daughter is currently student teaching at North Star High School in Lincoln. Our youngest daughter is a ninth grader and still enjoys being our helper.  Please don't tell the neighbors, but we have no formal training in growing flowers but rather have learned everything we know from the school of hard knocks.  So far that diploma has served us well.  We cross our fingers every spring for warm weather, little wind, drenching rains, followed by lots of sunshine and please no hail.  We appreciate the support of all our customers and when you leave our stores we cross our fingers and hope you get warm weather, little wind, drenching rains, followed by lots of sunshine and not one piece of hail.  Here's looking forward to Spring 2019 and 29 years in business!