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Biltmore Tomato

Our Recommendations:

Each year we hear what has performed for our customers last summer and over the past 25 years of growing we have discovered some unknown treasures that we like to recommend.  Performance and taste can be based on season but some genetics have stood up to the test of time.

Cherry Tomato:  Fantastico is a very good red cherry tomato.

Sweet Bell Pepper:  Diamond white is sweet and many people ask for it year after year.  For a sweet orange pepper try orange blaze.  It is a little smaller than Health Plus Orange but a much brighter orange color and is as sweet as candy.

Slicing Tomato:  The biltmore tomato is spectacular.  Perfect color, shape, and excellent taste.  It is meaty with few seeds. 




















Broccoli Bushel Buster Green70green 11-13 inch headheavy yields, home garden or fresh marketNA


Tasty Garden Leader

CabbageEarly Flat Dutch85flat, smooth, dark green, 6-8 poundgood storage, kraut, home gardenNA
CabbageLate Flat Dutch105green, flat, smooth, 13-20 poundhome garden for slaw and kraut


CabbageGolden Acre63green, round, smooth, 3 poundhome garden


CabbageRed Acre80red, round, smooth, 3 poundhome garden fresh and picklingNA
CabbageStonehead60gray-green, round, smooth, 4 poundhome garden, slaw, kraut, nonsplittingNA
CauliflowerEarly Snowball52white head 8-10 inchespopular home garden variety



Ichiban5510" longdark purple fruitNA
EggplantBlack Beauty73black, lobed, 8 inchhome garden and fresh marketNA
EggplantPatio Tasty Purple54black, lobed, 8 incha true minature plant for containers with great yield and never a bitter flavorNA
EggplantPot Black63black, oval, 4 inchcompact bush for container gardens with traditional eggplant flavor and shapeNA
Hot PepperAnaheim77red, 4" long 1" shoulderfresh, chili relleno500-2500
Hot PepperBhut Jolokia Ghost120brown, habanero shape, 2.5" long, 1" shoulderextreme novelty800,000 to 1,100,000
Hot PepperHot Extreme Inferno86chili, red, 2 inchextreme novelty1,300,000
Hot PepperHabanero Orange70orange, habanero shape, 2"long, 1" shoulderdried150,000-325,000
Hot PepperHungarian Yellow Wax70yellow banana, 6" long, 1.5" shoulderhot stuffer, roaster5000-9000
Hot PepperSerrano Chili85chili, red, 3" long, 1" shouldertraditional Mexican spice8000-22,000
Hot PepperSuper Chili85chili, red, 1.5" long, .5" shoulderheavy yield, upward growing fruit, dried40,000-50,000
Hot Pepper
chili, red, green, or yellow.        4" long, 2" shoulder
delicate gourmet flavor, cooking, pickling, grilling, salads, 
Hot PepperMucho Nacho69jalapeno, red 4" long, 1.75" shouldera large size jalapeno that has become one of our best sellers9000-12000
Hot PepperTasty Poblano83purple,  4.5" long, 2.5" shoulderpoblano ancho type, perfect roasters1000-2000
Hot PepperCajun Belle Red61red, bell, 3" long, 2.5" shoulderyou'll never have a better stuffed pepper2000-5000
Hot PepperHot Jalapeno75jalapeno, red, 3.5" long, 1.5" shoulderstandard shape, size, and heat2500-8000
Hot PepperMonster Chili70chili, green, 7" long, 2" shouldersouthwest favorite for stuffing, grilling, and roasting1500-3500
Hot PepperThai Hot93chili, red, 1.25 inches long, .5" shoulderhot, produces lots of fruit that grow straight up in the air50,000-100,000
Hot PepperHot Scotch Bonnet Red90chili, red, 1.5" long, 1.5 inch shoulderflavor is smoky and fiery hot, grow excellent in a container100,000-350,000
Hot PepperGiant Ristra110horn shaped, red, 3-5" long, 6-7" shoulderhas the appearance of a marconi but the spicyness of a cayenne30,000-50,000

Hot Pepper

Tobasco Red

Sweet Pepper
​Fooled You
2.5" long, 1.75" shoulder
not hot but very flavorful
Sweet Pepper
Lunch Box 
2-3 inches long
eat fresh off the plant or slice into saladsNA

Sweet Pepper

California Wonder

Sweet PepperSweet Banana65banana, yellow, 6" long, 2" shoulderhome frying, picklingNA
Sweet PepperBell Boy70bell, green, 4" long, 3.5" shoulderexceptional disease resistance


Sweet PepperBig Bertha72bell, green, 6.5" long, 4" shoulderlarge meaty fruitNA
Sweet PepperBushel Buster Green70bell, green, 3.5" long, 3.5" shoulderstrong disease resistanceNA

Sweet PepperChocolate Beauty66bell, brown, 4" long, 3" shoulderhome garden, rich color


Sweet PepperDiamond White85bell, white, 4" long, 4" shouldercustomers tell us this is the best sweet pepper tasteNA
Sweet PepperHealth Plus Orange75bell, orange, 5" long, 4" shouldersalads and gourmet dishes, high nutritional valueNA
Sweet PepperHealth Plus Purple70bell, purple, 5" long, 4" shouldersalads and gourmet dishes, high nutritional valueNA
Sweet PepperOrange Blaze68bell, orange, 3.5" long, 1.5" shoulderfresh, spectacular sweet flavor.  Eat these right off the vine!NA
Sweet PepperPageant65yellow, banana, 6" long, 5" shoulderlarge, smooth fruits use fresh or pickle.  A really nice big banana pepper.NA
Sweet PepperTasty Golden Bell70bell, gold, 4" long, 4" shoulderfreshNA
Sweet PepperTasty Pimiento75red, round, 2 inchthick wall, great cannerNA
Cherry Tomato


Cherry TomatoHusky Red65red, round, 1 inchcompact, self-supporting plants can be container grownindeterminate
Cherry TomatoSuper Sweet 10065red, round, 1 inchhome garden, high yieldsindeterminate
Cherry TomatoTasty Yellow75yellow, round, 1 inchmy pick for the sweetest cherry tomato and easy to grow.  High yields.indeterminate
Cherry TomatoRed Pear74red, pear shaped, 1.25"produced on long rails and an excellent salad tomatoindeterminate

Cherry Tomato

Sun Sugar
1/2 ounce
​sweet with true tomato taste, great texture

Cherry TomatoTumbling Tom Red63red, round, 1.5 inchesa tomato that grows excellent in a small container on the deckindeterminate
Grape TomatoFantastico50red, 3/4-1" sizea must grow if looking for early maturing, high yielding fruitdeterminate
Sauce TomatoMonster Italian Paste79red, pointed, plum shape, 6"firm and meaty, ready for sauce or paste.  A large roma style.determinate
Sauce TomatoRoma75red, plum-pear shape, 2 ounce fruitthe standard paste tomatodeterminate
Sauce TomatoSan Marzano70red, plum shaped, 3-5 inchpopular canned tomatoindeterminate
Sauce Tomato

Big Mama Roma

8-10 ounce

​A big Roma

5" long, 3" across

Slicer Tomato HeirloomAbe Lincoln87red, round, 8 ounce fruitfirm, crack resistant, perfect color and shape.  My mother-in-law is ticked if I don't grow this oneIndeterminate
Slicer Tomato HeirloomMortgage Lifter8616 inch, red, flattened globean old timer but still highly requestedindeterminate
Slicer TomatoHealth Kick72red, round, 4 ounceexcellent taste with increased lycopene with good disease tolerancedeterminate
Slicer TomatoBeefmaster85red with green sholder, 14 ounce fruitexcellent slicer for a big sandwichindeterminate
Slicer TomatoBetter Boy72red, round, 8 ounce fruitslicer with good disease resistanceindeterminate
Slicer TomatoBig Boy78red, round, 16 ounce fruitgood slicerindeterminate
Slicer TomatoBiltmore70red, round, 8 ounce fruitterriffic large tomato for canning, juicing or eating freshdeterminate
Slicer Tomato


Cherokee Purple

Slicer Tomato HeirloomBrandywine83red, round, 12-16 ounce fruitexcellent tomato tasteindeterminate
Slicer TomatoCelebrity70red, round, 10 once fruitsuper fantastic disease resistance


Slicer TomatoEarly Doll52red, round, 6-8 ounce fruitgreat tasting early producer with good disease resistanceindeterminate
Slicer Tomato HeirloomHillbilly85flattened globe, striped, 4-6 ounce fruityellow streaked redindeterminate
Slicer Tomato HeirloomHomestead Red88red, round, 8 ounce fruitadapts to any soil and conditionsdeterminate
Slicer TomatoHusky Red70red, round, 6 ounce fruitcompact plant for container growing or garden.  Excellent tomato.indeterminate
Slicer TomatoJet Set69red, round, 8 ounce fruitgood mix of sugar and acid with good disease resistanceindeterminate
Slicer TomatoJubilee Yellow72golden yellow, round 5-7 ounce fruitlow acid, mild flavorindeterminate
Slicer TomatoMonster80red, flattened globe, 24 ounce plus fruitthe whopper two fist size fruit with excellent tasteindeterminate

Slicer Tomato

4th of July494 ounces
​A small but very early producing tomato.
Slicer Tomato HeirloomNebraska Wedding100orange, round, 3-4 inch fruitgood sugar to acid balance.  Customers tell us this has a great taste.indeterminate
Slicer Tomato HeirloomSuper Sioux70red, round, 4 ounce fruitexcellent tasteindeterminate



Space Master Bush627-8 inch. can be used for pickling when little but a good slicer as they growexcellent for a small garden.  A compact plant that grows a 3 feet diameter.NA
Heirloom CucumberStraight 865pick when 8 inches long for slicing and smaller if pickling.good yields, great flavor, deep green skin, white flesh, mildly sweet flavor.NA

Slicer Cucumber

Patio Snacker

Slicer Cucumber

Tendergreen Burpless

Heirloom CantaloupeHoney Rock80up to 7 poundsvery sweetNA

ZucchiniZucchini Dark60-80harvest at 8 inches longmedium green skin, light green fleshNA
ZucchiniZucchini Bush60harvest at 6-8 inches longvery compact vine perfect for small gardens.NA
WatermelonBlack Diamond85can produce 50 pound melonsstriated green rind with delicious red fleshNA
WatermelonSugar Baby8010 inch fruitdark green rinds, sweet pink fleshNA



Acorn 806 x 4standard acorn